Fantôme Iris join lineup for BUSHIROAD ROCK FESTIVAL 2021

Fantôme Iris

Fantôme Iris are the latest band to join the lineup for next year’s BUSHIROAD ROCK FESTIVAL.

The latest update on next year’s BUSHIROAD ROCK FESTIVAL is quite the big one.

Visual-kei outfit, Fantôme Iris – fronted by Arthur Lounsbery – is confirmed as the newest addition to the lineup of the annual festival.

GYROAXIA – Jin Ogasawara (vocals), Shinichi Hashimoto (guitar), Takumi Mano (guitar), Hiroto Akiya (bass) and Kousuke Miyauchi (drums) – were among the first bands / groups joining the lineup for BUSHIROAD ROCK FESTIVAL 2021.

BUSHIROAD ROCK FESTIVAL 2021 is going to be held on 06/02/2021 and 07/02/2021.

The lineup also includes RAISE A SUILEN (from the BanG Dream! franchise) as well as D4DJ’s band, Rondo.

A promotional video is out.

For more details on this online live, please refer to official twitter post (above).

Source: ARGONAVIS official twitter account