Fantôme Iris’ Arthur Lounsbery to attend Argonavis and GYROAXIA’s joint live

Exciting news from Bushiroad ahead of Argonavis and GYROAXIA‘s joint live.

ARGONAVIS 3rd LIVE「CROSSING」is going to be held at Maihama Amphitheater on 28/04/2020 and 29/04/2020.
Argonavis and GYROAXIA are going to share the stage for this live.

Fantôme Iris‘ FELIX (cv: Arthur Lounsbery) is the newest addition to the live’s lineup. He is confirmed to perform live on 28/04/2020.

For more details on this live, please refer to the official website (link below).

Source: ARGONAVIS official website / ARGONAVIS official twitter account