Fantôme Iris 1st LIVE -C’est la vie!- to be held in May

Fantôme Iris

Fantôme Iris bring their grandiose visual-kei to the stage for their 1st live show.

Fantôme Iris is a visual-kei outfit part of the ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! franchise.

Fantôme Iris consist on Arthur Lounsbery (on vocals), Wada Masaya (Guitar), Jun Fukuyama (guitar), Tsubasa Yonaga (bass), Taiyo Ayukawa (drums) On a live setting, only Arthur Lounsbery performs.

Fantôme Iris 1st LIVE -C’est la vie!- is going to be held on 05/05/2021 at Zepp Haneda in Tokyo and will count with a livestreaming (paid) component through Streaming+.

The livestream will be available to those living in:

  • Australia,
  • Brazil,
  • Canada,
  • Hong Kong,
  • Indonesia,
  • South Korea,
  • Macau,
  • Malaysia,
  • Philippines,
  • Singapore,
  • Taiwan,
  • Thailand,
  • The United Kingdom,
  • The United States.

For more details on this live show, please refer to ARGONAVIS’ official website (link below).

Source: ARGONAVIS Official website