FABULOUS NIGHT to kick off 2nd season of CDs + announce cast event

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2nd Season of CDs

The FABULOUS NIGHT franchise has been making waves in the 2D music industry with the unique vibes for each team/house and the main focus on a tasteful take on Eurobeat music.

And after a successful set of releases in the franchise’s 1st CD series, Rejet announced that the franchise is back for more in 2022, with FABULOUS NIGHT being confirmed for the 2nd season of CDs, kicking off this year.

According to Rejet, all 15 members will have stories developed in this new CD series and there will be as well new illustrations for each host house (ChronoStasis, Vendetta, CLUB TWILIGHT, NEO BASARA, and HIMMEL).

A new HOST ROYALE is going to take place in 2022. 2021’s winner was Club Twilight’s Chouji Sengoku (CV: Kensho Ono).

More details on this CD series are going to be unveiled in the upcoming months.

1st cast event

At the same time, Rejet announced that the FABULOUS NIGHT franchise is going to hold a cast event in November.

Still untitled, the event is going to take place on 20/11/2022. It will have day and night sessions.

Confirmed to attend this event are the following seiyuu:

More details on this event are going to be unveiled in the upcoming months.

On another note: FABULOUS NIGHT’s #1 hosts team up to perform the special song “Femme Fatale”. The CD hits stores in March 2022.

What is Fabulous Night?

It’s a project launched by Rejet – in collaboration with Marvelous – in 2020.

In Fabulous Night mixes host clubs tackling Eurobeat music and drama tracks.

The franchise is hosted by Kenjiro Tsuda, that plays the role of the DJ (he does not sing in this franchise), and features 5 host clubs: Chronostasis, Twilight, Vendetta, Himmel, and Neo Basara.

All follow a different theme and have a completely different vibe to their visuals and music. For more on this project, check this article.

SOURCE: FABULOUS NIGHT official website / Fabulous Night official Twitter account

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