F★light to release 1st single in December

F★light is the first group from Kaikan Phrase CLIMAX -NEXT GENERATION- to release a single.

F☆light (pronounced “F Light”) consists of Arthur Lounsbery, Daiki KobayashiRyo KikuchiRyo Takizawa and Takahide Ishii.

F☆light‘s 1st single is titled Galaxy Dream and is scheduled to be released on 04/12/2019, available on streaming platforms and on iTunes store.

The music video for the title track is going to be released on the same day as the song hits streaming platforms.

An announcement video, featuring the whole group, is out.

The group is featured on Kaikan Phrase CLIMAX -NEXT GENERATION- , new game project developed by GMO Internet based and in the same universe as the popular manga Kaikan ♥ Phrase. Check THIS article for more details on it.

SOURCES: Kaikan Project official twitter account