EVIL LINE RECORDS launches new 2D music project: Charisma House

Still shrouded in mystery but with a full announcement set for Fall 2021, Charisma House is already a pretty hyped up project. Get to know for yourself why.


Under the tagline “Just ordinary boys”, Charisma House is the name of a new 2D music project helmed by EVIL LINE RECORDS (best known for housing the Hypnosis Mic franchise) with an original idea by Dazed CO., LTD. and it is set to kick off its activities in Fall 2021.

EVIL LINE RECORDS will produce the music, BALCOLONY. will be in charge of the art direction, with scripts by Hide Matsubara (Gintama and Osomatsu-san) and character designs by Ebimo.

According to EVIL LINE RECORDS, more details on this project are going to be unveiled in Fall 2021.

The cast

Popular seiyuu and solo artist Yuki Ono is featured as the narrator in the teaser video released this month and was the 1st seiyuu confirmed in the cast of Charisma House.

Fumiya Ito

He voices Fumiya Ito (the character in the teaser image above).

Rikai Kusanagi

Masahiro Yamanaka voices Rikai Kusanagi.

Iori Motohashi

Katsumi Fukuhara voices Iori Motohashi.

Kenta Hosoda voices Kei Sarukawa.

Hyuga Saku voices Oose Minato.

Genki Okawa voices Tera.

Tomohisa Hashizume voices Amahiko Tendou.

Teaser videos

Two teaser videos diving a bit into the characters and story are out.

Music video

EVIL LINE RECORDS released the music video for the first song by Charisma House’s group – Shichinin no Charisma (七人のカリスマ) – titled “Mecha Mecha Charisma” (めちゃめちゃカリスマ).

Check it out in the video below!

SOURCE: Charisma House official website / Charisma House official Twitter account

Last updated on 21/09/2021

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