EVIL LIVE RECORDS release The Dirty Dawg’s performances from EVIL A LIVE 2019

The Dirty Dawg

The Dirty Dawg performed for the first time as a group at EVIL A LIVE 2019. Now, fans can watch their fiery performances on Youtube!

Hypnosis Mic‘s legendary crew, The Dirty Dawg (consisting of Subaru Kimura, Shintaro Asanuma, Show Hayami and Yusuke Shirai) performed at EVIL LINE RECORDS’ 5th anniversary festival, EVIL A LIVE, that was held at Pacifico Yokohama on 15/07/2019.

EVIL LINE RECORDS streamed the live a couple of days ago and will have the live performances available for a brief period of time – up until 07/05/2020.

The Dirty Dawg performed T.D.D LEGEND, Hipnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- Special Medley and featured on The Three Musketeers Mic Relay. Check the performances below!



EVIL A LIVE 2019 counted with live performances from The Dirty Dawg, Tokusatsu, MOMOIRO CLOVER, DRESSCODES, Teddyloid, Cypress Ueno & Robert Yoshino, Rock a Japonica, EARPHONES, GESSHOKUKAIGI and Ryujin Kiyoshi.

A note: this is a time sensitive news. If you happen to check this article and the videos are no longer available, it is because EVIL LINE RECORDS has already taken them down.

SOURCE: Hypnosis Mic official twitter account