EROSION to hold 1st live in 2021


Rejet unveiled details on EROSION‘s 1st live. 

CARNELIAN BLOOD is a mixed media – voice comics, music, etc – project created by Rejet. EROSION stems from the franchise as its representative group, a rock band with 5 vocals.

EROSION‘s lineup includes leader Shoya ChibaRyota SuzukiArthur LounsberyToshiyuki Toyonaga and Yuya Hirose.

Interviews with the band’s leader, Shoya Chiba and band members Arthur LounsberyRyota SuzukiYuya Hirose and Toshiyuki Toyonaga are available to watch on CARNELIAN BLOOD’s official YouTube channel.

Rejet had mentioned earlier this year the EROSION were going to hold their 1st live in 2020 however, as we’re all aware, the circumstances with Coronavirus spread in Japan are rather complicated and are leading to a second wave of event cancellations.

With that being said, Rejet moved EROSION‘s 1st live to 28/02/2021. According to Rejet, the live is going to be held somewhere in the Kanto region.

More details on the live are going to be unveiled in the upcoming months.

On another note: EROSION recently released their debut single, From a Spicy Peak. Details on their 2nd single, Aspiration, are out.

To get to know more about EROSION and their planned singles for 2020, check this article.

SOURCE: CARNELIAN BLOOD official website