Review | Epicurean “Dream on Stage!”

Epicurean make its comeback with “Dream on Stage!“. The edgy pop-rock unit brings yet another exciting release, following the footsteps of their debut single “Check it Love!“.

Epicurean edition
Title: Dream on Stage!
Label: Rejet 
Release date: 26/10/2016 
Genre: J-Pop/Rock


01. Dream on Stage!
02. Nonstop Magic
03. ミニドラマ「Over the Rainbow」 - MINI DRAMA

Track by track analysis:

01. Dream on Stage!

Dream on Stage! is a lit pop rock tune filled with excitement as well as a preppy touch given by the vocal performance. With amped up guitar riffs, punkish bassline, powerful mid-tempo drums and minimal synths, this track has a stunning amount of energy to deliver to the listener.

On top of this simple instrumental that has R.O.N‘s touch all over it (trademark synths and guitar riffs), the vocal performances, like we pointed out earlier, made this song stand out from the start.

Everyone not only is in tune but is also delivering each verse without any complications.

The chorus explodes with the amount of energy each member brings to this piece. Exciting preppy pop-rock song that will bright up your day.

02. Nonstop Magic

Another amped up tune, Nonstop Magic delivers a pop-punk tune with a mesmerizing bassline delivered in a slap bassed fashion, the drums are simple yet the provide a lot of energy to the overall uptempo instrumental.

The guitars follow the typical punk rock standards, delivering a hard edged melody rooted in powerchords to complete the instrumental.

Vocally, the performance is solid with each member taking turns to tackle this track, good harmonization between members as well as some cannon moments here and there throughout the song. Another track to keep the excitement going, not failing to catch our attention.

Final considerations

Epicurean have impressed us once again. With a polished pop-punk sound, this unit continues to showcase a unique flavor among Rejet‘s units, powered by R.O.N‘s compositions and overall contribution to the instrumental pieces with his guitar work. Still, there’s a lot of ways in which the group can improve.

For instance, the instrumentals, although exciting at all times, often have the same vibe between them – when comparing this release with the previous one – not distinguishing themselves that well. You get that feel of having listened to a similar song by this group before.

That can be a good or a bad thing, depending on the point of view. People might argue that the songs sound the same because it has R.O.N‘s hands on it so it’s obvious that it’ll fit within his comfort composition zone, but if all tracks follow the same structure and share more than a few riffs in between them, things will get boring really fast.

But this is just our two cents about the composition.

Regarding the vocal performances it’s interesting to notice just how much Shimazaki has upped his game to fit within the incredibly polished vocals from Toshiki Masuda (that has shown a stunning growth in 2016), the smooth melodies delivered by Suzuki and the rough, robust vocals by Eguchi, the most experienced member among the unit (in terms of music endeavors).

Shimazaki really grabbed every single one of his lines in an astounding way, even standing out in both choruses among the harmonization. Vocally this group continues to showcase good chemistry and solid performances.

In the end, Epicurean are one of the most exciting units among the “Forbidden Star” project and we can’t wait to hear more from them in 2017.

“Dream on Stage!” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.


Dream on Stage!
Nonstop Magic
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