Ensemble Stars! announce rhythm game release

Happy Elements announced yesterday the release of a rhythm game for Ensemble Stars!.

The Ensemble Stars! franchise is going to release a rhythm game. The announcement was made yesterday via Ensemble Stars!‘s official twitter account. A webpage dedicated to the upcoming game was open as a result.

Ensemble Stars!! (purposely with two exclamation marks) puts aside the idol grooming concept that is part of the current Ensemble Stars!‘s game and embraces a rhythm game concept. The game will feature a variety of songs to perform and include 3DCG animated music videos as shown in the promotional video released.

According to the information available in the official website, Ensemble Stars!! is a new stage for the franchise’s units. The franchise will have two games the BASIC – original Ensemble Stars! game – and the MUSIC – rhythm game to be launched (rumored for 2019 release). In the BASIC version players will continue to enjoy the game’s story and events, in the MUSIC version players will get to experience a completely new world for this franchise.

Data won’t transfer between the two games, once again putting emphasis that these are two distinct games.

It is mentioned that the rhythm game part is going to be accessible even for those that aren’t too dexterous or familiar with rhythm games.

More details are going to be unveiled through Ensemble Stars!‘s official twitter account and website. Make sure to follow those for a more up-to-date situation about the game’s release and features.