Happy Elements unveil details on Ensemble Stars!! – 50’s “ring”

Ensemble Stars 50's ring

Details on the alternative event to the recently cancelled Ensemble Stars! Starry Stage 3rd are out.

Ensemble Stars! Starry Stage 3rd was recently cancelled.

It was going to take place at Metlife Dome in Saitama on 25 and 26 April, 2020 and would count with a cast that included Akatsuki, Ryuseitai, Ra*bits, Valkyrie, Switch (without Kaito Ishikawa), Jin & Akiomi, UNDEAD and Knights (without Shintaro Asanuma and Daiki Yamashita).

An alternative to this live was announced by Happy Elements alongside that announcement.

あんさんぶるスターズ!!-50’s “ring”- (Ensemble Stars!! – 50’s “ring”) is the title of the special broadcast that will air on Nico Nico on 26/04/2020.

For this broadcast, the franchise’s complete cast – 50 people – participated to create a unique experience for Ensemble Stars!‘s fans.

To celebrate the franchise’s 5th anniversary, Ensemble Stars!! – 50’s “ring”  will feature the franchise’s seiyuu cast answering questions in relay following the theme “From now on”.

For more details, please refer to the official Nico Nico page (link below).

On another note: Ensemble Stars! recently announced the kick off of a new Idol Song series. Trickstar head the series with a release scheduled for next month.

SOURCE: Ensemble Stars! official twitter account / Nico Nico