Ensemble Stars! 2nd Starry Stage to be released on Blu-ray and DVD

Ensemble Stars! Starry Stage 2nd is going to be released on Blu-ray and DVD this summer.

Ensemble Stars! Starry Stage 2nd in Nippon Budokan, live held on 13/01/2019, is going to be released on 3 Blu-ray editions and 2 DVD editions on 28/06/2019.

The event counted with live performances by:

  • Knights (Shintaro Asanuma, Masami Ito, Ryo Kitamura, Reiou Tsuchida, Daiki Yamashita)
  • Ra*bits (Yuki Yonai, Junya Ikeda, Shunya Hiruma, Kosaka Tomoya)
  • Ryuseitai (Yuichi Jose, Yoshiki Nakajima, Takumi Watanabe, Anju Nitta, Koutaro Nishiyama),
  • Valkyrie (Hiroki Takahashi, Jun Osuka),
  • Jin & Akiomi (Tomoyasu Hishiba and Wataru Komada),
  • UNDEAD (Toshiki Masuda, Yuki Ono, Wataru Hatano, Kei Hosogai)

The contents for each edition are the following:

  • Blu-ray day: live performances by Knights, UNDEAD, Ra*bits, Ryuseitai, Valkyrie, Jin & Akiomi
  • Blu-ray night: live performances by UNDEAD, Ra*bits, Ryuseitai, Valkyrie, Jin & Akiomi and Knights (without Daiki Yamashita)
  • Blu-ray Box: includes day and night performances
  • DVD day: same as the Blu-ray day edition
  • DVD night: same as the Blu-ray night edition

The bonuses included with pre-orders are the following (per store):

  • Animate: Knights mini character can badge (1 out of 5 types)
  • Amazon Japan: UNDEAD mini character can badge (1 out of 4 types)
  • TOWER RECORDS: Ryuseitai mini character can badge (1 out of 5 types)
  • TSUTAYA RECORDS: Ra*bits mini character can badge (1 out of 4 types)
  • HMV: Valkyrie mini character can badge (1 out of 2 types)
  • FRONTIER WORKS online shop: Jin & Akiomi mini character can badge (1 out of 2 types)

More details on this release are going to be unveiled in the upcoming months.

On another note: Ensemble Stars!‘s anime adaptation is confirmed to premiere this July. Check this article for more details.

SOURCE: Ensemble Stars! Starry Stage 2nd official website

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