Enriedo and ASTRAGALUS to face-off on GANG×ROCK’s 1st Live

GANG×ROCK‘s bands are going to hold their 1st ever live.

GANG×ROCK is a music project created by Techno Art that mixes “delinquents” and “bands” in the same place. The franchise counts with Odin;s, Enriedo, WaTCH DoGS, Kouriyo Rengoukai (蛟龍連合会) and ASTRAGALUS.

GANG×ROCK announced the first big event of the year. Enriedo and ASTRAGALUS are going to face-off in a special live.

GANG×ROCK 1st Live Enriedo VS ASTRAGALUS is going to be held at CLUB SEATA in Tokyo on 05/01/2020. The live counts with two sessions: afternoon and evening.

Confirmed to perform at the live are Enriedo‘s Yutaka Balletta, Keisuke Koumoto, Takuya Aragiri and ASTRAGALUS‘ Masanori Kobayashi, Kentaro Kumagai, Jun Kasama and Yasuaki Takumi.

For more details on the live, please refer to the official website (link below).

SOURCE: GANG×ROCK official website