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ENLIGHTRIBE is set in a gritty, alternative world in which everything is controlled and restricted, even music.

An introduction to the project

ENLIGHTRIBE is being marketed as a full-scale rock x character project.

At the moment there are no details on how big a scale it will be or if it will be a mixed media project like ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream is.

However, what is known is that the bands will work just like on DIG-ROCK which is to say that, out of the whole cast, only the seiyuu voicing the vocals will sing for their respective bands, whereas the other members will participate in drama tracks.

The synopsis goes like this:

——Give the world the best music.

A world where everything is restricted and controlled.

In a controlled society where even entertainment is not allowed, The music festival “ENLIGHTRIBE” is announced.

Its concept is “uNITING the world with the best music“.

Upper-class band THAT HAS EVERYTHING

band consisting of 2 MIDDLE-CLASS brothers who walk around the world serving the upper class

Band comprised of lower class individuals restricted and deprived of their freedom

Each band participates in “ENLIGHTRIBE” for their own purpose.

The focus in the story seems to not only being the lack of freedom, but also a battle between classes which may prove interesting and, at least, is slightly different from the themes in most 2D music projects.

A promotional video is out.


ENLIGHTRIBE counts with 3 bands in its lineup: FAM, SHIFTYZ and ESMERALDA.


FAM is a 4-piece rock band that is labeled as a “band comprised of lower class individuals restricted and deprived of their freedom”.

The band consists on:


SHIFTYZ is a 2-piece rock band that is labeled as a “band consisting of 2 middle-class brothers who walk around the world serving the upper class”.

The band consists on:


From left to right: Hekiru, Eiri,

ESMERALDA (Portuguese word for “Emerald”) is a 4-piece rock band that is labeled as an “upper-class band that has everything”.

The band consists on:

Special event

A special event was announced by ENLIGHTRIBE.

On 25/12/2020, FAM’s Tomohiro Yamaguchi, SHIFTYZ’s Shunichi Toki and ESMERALDA’s Junta Terashima on ENLIGHTRIBE’s official YouTube channel.

Several announcements are planned to be made during this event.

For more details, please refer to ENLIGHTRIBE’s official website.

Music releases

So far, the franchise has announced that each band will be releasing a single. There are no set dates for those releases at the moment.


FAM "ENLIGHTRIBE side.FAM -The first step-"

The tracklist is the following:

1 - 果てしない空 (Tomohiro Yamaguchi on vocals)
2 - Never Loser (Tomohiro Yamaguchi on vocals)
3 - drama track side.FAM #1
4 - 果てしない空 -Instrumental-
5 - Never Loser -Instrumental-


The tracklist is the following:

1.Gleam (Junta Terashima on vocals)
2.Liberation (Junta Terashima on vocals)
3.drama track side.ESMERALDA #1
4.Gleam -Instrumental-
5.Liberation -Instrumental-


ENLIGHTRIBE-side.SHIFTYz The-beginning-

The tracklist is the following:

1 - ダイヤモンドボイス (Shunichi Toki on vocals)
2 - エンプティネス (Shunichi Toki on vocals)
3 - drama track side.SHIFTYz #1
4 - ダイヤモンドボイス -Instrumental-
5 - エンプティネス -Instrumental-

More details on all these releases are going to be unveiled in the upcoming months.

SOURCE: ENLIGHTRIBE official website

Last updated on 14/12/2020

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