ELEKITER ROUND 0 release highlight medley for “the O LL”


The highlight medley for ELEKITER ROUND 0‘s Best Album “the O LL” is out. This is the last release by the duo, as they will disband this month.

the O LL is scheduled to be released on 23/12/2020, available in regular and animate editions.

The cover art is the following (note: Marine Entertainment don’t release HD versions of the cover art online):


Included in this special Best of are a total of 34 songs – 32 previously released songs from their 8 mini-albums plus 2 new songs. Everything comes neatly packed in 2 discs.

The tracklist is the following:

Disc 1

01. ヰシン志士
02. 紲(キズナ)
03. 影踏み ~afterglow~
04. キセキ
06. 小動物的反動形成
07. LoVe season
08. 「φ」の地平から
09. Summer Snow
10. 少女と箱の唄(Tachibana solo)
11. 二つの雫-namida-(Hino solo)
12. 戀隠れ 戀乱れ
13. 孤独の太陽
14. Loveless Diva(Tachibana solo)
15. 月夜の仮面舞踏会~Masquerade~(Hino solo)
16. Lucifer
17. Remember Die [NEW SONG]

Disc 2 

01. 顔無紳士(ポーカーフェイス)
02. Beach-pop!!
04. World's end supernova
05. 狂騒輪舞曲
06. 白い雪の花
07. 月の砂漠のジプシー
08. Butterfly Cry
09. 千年恋歌
10. Conflict
11. Reincarnation
12. ひかり
13. あの日の茜空の下で
14. サヨナラのハナビ(日野solo)
15. 常春ノ大華(立花solo)
16. ガラスの薔薇
17. ラストダンスが終わるまで [NEW SONG]

The highlight medley is out.

The contents for each edition are the following:

  • Regular: CD only
  • Animate: CD + Blu-ray (including footage from ELEKITER ROUND 0’s 2015 tour, Setsugetsuka)

the O LL is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

Source: Marine Entertainment official twitter account