Eichi Horimiya “Utsurigi na Kaze” (Review)

Often times there’s a release that no one was expecting would be good or to which expectations were low. However, sometimes that release catches everyone off guard and steals the show. Eichi Horimiya‘s entry in QUELL‘s Katchofugetsu series is that kind of release.

Title: Kachofugetsu Tori Kaze
Label: Tsukipro/Movic
Release date: 27/07/2018
Genre: Minimal electronica


1 - 移り気な風 
2 - 移り気な風 -off vocal-

Track analysis:

1 – 移り気な風

QUELL‘s simplicity, pure vibe adds the refinement of Japanese traditional instrumental by the chords of a shamisen, creating a gorgeous, summer-y soundscape that instantly captures the listener’s attention. It’s rather interesting how the “Kaze/Wind” theme was approached for this song. Washy synths and soothing pads were kept at their minimum, just enough to add an ethereal layer to the instrumental. A simple bass drum, snare and hi-hats play in the background, setting a comfortable slow pace for this track. The way the synths loop in the verses, the breeze can be occasionally heard in the background, all contributed to create this “Wind” soundscape that engulfs the listener. If you seek or long for a soundscape that is unique, that creates a dimension in which traditional and modern elements morph into a stunning song that completely takes you over and puts you at ease, this instrumental is the real deal. To top it all, the theme was captured perfectly with this instrumental.

On the vocal end, we find Koutaro Nishiyama giving one of the most consistent performances since QUELL‘s debut. While he’s still got a long way until he can be considered a good singer (and a top singer within QUELL), he still managed to, with the few tools he had in hand, deliver a performance that fit like a glove with the instrumental. He’s performance is nothing stellar or breathtaking per se, however it’s still worth the praise because you can notice his effort to hit some notes in the verses, as well as keeping a consistent tone whenever there are longer notes that require stability in his singing. He worked on his weaknesses and it’s starting to show improvements. The vocals’ mixing was enhanced in some parts to make Nishiyama‘s performance more “airy” and ethereal, thing that worked well with the overall feel of the song.

Utsurigi na Kaze” tops QUELL‘s entries in the Katchofugetsu series. We can’t picture a better instrumental to make the “Wind” theme come to life. This is an utterly beautiful and impressive release.

Final rating:

Kachofugetsu Kaze Hen is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

SQ QUELL Kachofugetsu / Eichi Horimiya (Kotaro Nishiyama)
Eichi Horimiya (Kotaro Nishiyama)