EGO1ST release preview of “Shout”

EGO1ST‘s first single just hit stores in Japan. To celebrate the release, the group released a preview of their b-side track, Shout.

RAISE/シャウト (RAISE/Shout) was released on 26/02/2020, available in regular edition.

The cover art is the following:

The tracklist is the following:

2 - シャウト
3 - RAISE(Instrumental)
4 - シャウト(Instrumental)

Previews of both tracks are out.

A release event featuring the whole group is planned for 28/02/2020. For more details please refer to the twitter post below.

REALIVE!~Teito Kagurabutai~ is the name of the smartphone (android and iOS) rhythm produced by GMO LIVE GAMES launched on 27/01/2020.

The game follows a fictional story set in Japan in which the players are leaders of the Kagurabutai, a group of performers that protect the imperial capital with their singing ability.

5 units are featured in this game – Nana Tosei, EGO1ST+HOLIC+Crown Clan. To get to know more about this game, please refer to THIS article.

EGO1ST consists on seiyuu/stage actor Ippei Matsuoka, seiyuu Yu Miyazaki and actor Daiki Ise.

RAISE/Shout is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

Raise/Shout / EGO1ST

SOURCE: REALIVE official website