EGO1ST “RAISE/Shout” (Review)

EGO1ST‘s RAISE / Shout will make your blood pump faster with their exciting and fast paced rock sound.

EGO1ST consists on seiyuu/stage actor Ippei Matsuoka, seiyuu Yu Miyazaki and actor Daiki Ise.

The unit is part of REALIVE!~Teito Kagurabutai~, smartphone (android and iOS) rhythm game produced by GMO LIVE GAMES launched on 27/01/2020.

Title: RAISE/Shout
Release date: 26/02/2020
Genre: Rock


2 - シャウト
3 - RAISE(Instrumental)
4 - シャウト(Instrumental)

Track by track analysis:


Raging guitar riffs and a bright piano melody set the tone for the fast paced and exciting rock tune. The verses flow well, with a strong focus on impacting the listener with their hard hitting drums and exciting riffs.

The chorus takes the tension from the verses and develops it into an headbanging tune that you’ll want to hear more from. A nice touch in the bridge, further raising the excitement and emotion in this track with a smashing shredding guitar solo.

When it comes to the vocals, EGO1ST deliver. Their performance matches the tone of the song, brimming with excitement and overflowing with emotion.

Consistent starting point for this unit. 

2 – Shout

EGO1ST raise the tension for their bass driven Shout. A big focus is put on a deep bass sound, with drums and the bass doing wonders in this department. Raging guitar riffs, melody guitar fills, and a simple piano melody complete this simple yet effective song.

The chorus is softer than expected but the work on the bass drum is highly appreciated, giving a nice touch to this track.

Vocally, EGO1ST go for yet another solid performance in which both individual and group parts sound incredibly balanced. Way to keep the excitement going. 

Final considerations

EGO1ST wanted to be heard for their 1st single and that was exactly what they managed to do with RAISE / Shout.

The single caters to rock lovers. Shredding guitar riffs, exciting guitar solos, hard-hitting drums and a focus on a 4 piece band sound are more than enough to conclude that pop doesn’t have its place in this release.

RAISE is the high octane song in this release, fast and incisive. On the other hand, Shout is a softer take on the latter’s sound, yet still carrying a whole lot of excitement and energy with it.

Both tracks fit well in this release, carrying a common or, at least, similar sound, making this single a rather consistent one.

On the vocal end there are some considerations to be made. While I not familiar with any of the member’s singing tones, the group came as a pleasant surprise, showcasing control and consistency individually as well as a group. They showcase a lot of quality on this end, something I would love to hear them exploring in upcoming releases.

All in all, RAISE / Shout is an exciting release that will make your blood pump faster. Top marks.

RAISE/Shout is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

Raise/Shout / EGO1ST

RAISE/Shout is available for streaming on Spotify.

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EGO1ST's RAISE / Shout will make your blood pump faster with their exciting and fast paced rock sound.

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EGO1ST's RAISE / Shout will make your blood pump faster with their exciting and fast paced rock sound.EGO1ST "RAISE/Shout" (Review)