DYNAMIC CHORD release 2nd anime teaser + new opening theme preview

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Asgard/Honeybee Black unveiled today the second teaser for the upcoming anime “DYNAMIC CHORD“, set to premiere next week on 05/10/2017. There’s also a new preview of [rêve parfait]’s new single “p.s.i hate you♡xxx”.

The new teaser/promotional video was released today on TBS animation‘s youtube channel as well as publicized on DYNAMIC CHORD‘s official twitter.

The preview shows a completely different character designs than the ones unveiled up until now (highly criticized by fans of the franchise). Alongside the first ever look into the series and characters, fans are also graced with a snippet of [rêve parfait]’s new single “p.s.i hate you♡xxx”.

A couple of stills featuring all 4 band leaders were unveiled as well.

A brief summary of what was unveiled up until now:

[rêve parfait], Liar-S, KYOHSO and apple-polisher‘s key visuals were released.

All bands will perform songs for the show.

p.s.i hate you♡xxx” is performed by  [rêve parfait] and is scheduled to be released on 18/10/2017. This is the opening theme for the series. More details HERE.

KYOHSO perform the 1st ending theme for the anime. “because the sky…” is scheduled to be released on 18/10/2017. More details HERE.

Liar-S outro ending theme “Diamond Eyes” was also announced this week. Details regarding it are already available HERE.

apple-polisher are going to perform a song for the series but so far there haven’t been any announcements regarding it.

TBS and Asgard/Honeybee Black released the first series’ preview last month.

SOURCE: DYNAMIC CHORD official twitter account

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