DKHi! release final details on upcoming mini-album “YGGDRASIL”

Credit: DKHi!

DKHi! released today a snippet of their new music video. The second mini-album drops in March.

The band’s second mini-album is titled “YGGDRASIL” and is scheduled to be released on 28/03/2018, available exclusively on DKHi!‘s official store.

YGGDRASIL” is limited to first-press only. According to Daisuke Kishio, as soon as the albums sell out, there won’t be restocking.

For those pre-ordering the album, Kishio confirmed that they’ll receive a DVD with the music video for the title track. Pre-orders start on 01/03/2018.

A snippet of the music video for “Gambling Hal“, song included on this release, was released today on DHKi!‘s official twitter account.

For more information about the band please check their official website and youtube channel.

Source: DHK! iofficial twitter account