Disney unveil new details on upcoming cover album and live event

Disney released some updates on the upcoming cover album. The tracklist is confirmed, there’s a new promotional video out and new information on the special live to be held in 2019.

Disney Koe no Ouji Sama Voice Stars Dream Selection” is scheduled to be released on 19/09/2018.

Covering some of Disney’s most iconic songs will be a stellar seiyuu cast that counts with Kaito Ishikawa, Yuto Uemura, Takuya Eguchi, Kensho Ono, Takuya Sato, Shunsuke Takeuchi, Tasuku Hatanaka, Wataru Hatano, Natsuki Hanae, Satoshi Hino, Tomoaki Maeno and Daiki Yamashita.

The cover art is the following:

The tracklist is the following:

  1. 君のようになりたい (from the movie [Jungle Book] and performed by Kaito Ishikawa)
  2. ホール・ニュー・ワールド (from the movie [Aladdin] and performed by Yuto Uemura)
  3. アンダー・ザ・シー (from the movie [The Little Mermaid] and performed by Takuya Eguchi)
  4. ホエン・シー・ラヴド・ミー (from the movie [Toy Story 2] and performed by Kensho Ono)
  5. 美女と野獣 (from the movie [Beauty and the beast] and performed by Takuya Sato)
  6. フレンド・ライク・ミー (from the movie [Aladdin] and performed by Shunsuke Takeuchi)
  7. ハクナ・マタタ (from the movie [Lion King] and performed by Tasuku Hatanaka)
  8. 君がいないと (from the movie [Monsters, Inc.] and performed by Wataru Hatano)
  9. パート・オブ・ユア・ワールド (from the movie [The Little Mermaid] and performed by Natsuki Hanae)
  10. ひとりぼっちの晩餐会 (from the movie [Beauty and the beast] and performed by Satoshi Hino)
  11. Go the Distance (from the movie [Hercules] and performed by Tomoaki Maeno)
  12. リメンバー・ミー(エンドソングver.)(from the movie [Coco] and performed by Daiki Yamashita)
  13. ミッキーマウス・マーチ(オールスターver.)(from the movie [Mickey Mouse House] and performed by the whole cast)

Previews to all songs on this album are available on Disney’s official youtube channel, however those are region locked.

A talk event is scheduled for 06/10/2018. Wataru Hatano, Takuya Sato, Takuya Eguchi and Shunsuke Takeuchi are confirmed to attend it.

Click for HD version

A live event titled “Disney Koe no Ouji Sama Voice Stars Dream Live 2019” is scheduled to be held on 09/06/2019 at Makuhari Messe Event Hall. A promotional photo (pictured above) was released yesterday, confirming that the whole cast is going to attend this special live. More details can be found HERE.

[Disclaimer: Since this release is going to be distributed by AVEX Pictures we won’t provide links to CDJAPAN’s store (or any store), as all stores are abiding to the label’s request not to export any of AVEX pictures and some AVEX‘ artist releases. More info on this can be found – HERE]

SOURCE: Disney Music / AVEX

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