ARGONAVIS Sound Only Live Destiny Rock festival to be livestreamed today


ARGONAVIS Sound Only Live Destiny Rock festival kicks off in a couple of hours but there are many more cool things being livestreamed before it.

The Argonavis from BanG Dream! franchise has been holding free live streams – sound only – of live performances and recorded drama skits by its bands – Argonavis, GYROAXIA, Fujin RIZING!, Fantôme Iris and εpsilonΦ – for the past 2 months.

Destiny Rock Festival GYROAXIA

ARGONAVIS Sound Only Live Destiny Rock festival is going to be live streamed on 27/06/2020 at 19h JST.

GYROAXIA – Jin Ogasawara (on vocals), Shinichi Hashimoto (guitar), Takumi Mono (guitar), Hiroto Akiya (bass) and Kousuke Miyauchi (drums) – are the headliners for this sound only live.

Guests include:

  • Argonavis – Masahiro Ito (vocals), Shuuta Morishima (keyboards), Seiji Maeda (bass), Daisuke Hyuga (guitar), Shohei Hashimoto (drums)
  • εpsilonΦ (read; epsilon phi) – Yuki Sakakihara (on vocals), Gakuto Kajiwara (vocals and guitar), Taichi Ichikawa (bass), Kei Minegichi (synths) and Shinnosuke Tachibana (drums)
  • Fantôme Iris – Arthur Lounsbery (on vocals), Wada Masaya (Guitar), Jun Fukuyama (guitar), Tsubasa Yonaga (bass), Taiyo Ayukawa (drums)
  • Fujin RIZING! – Yoshiki Nakajima (on vocals and saxophone), Atsushi Abe (Bass), Makoto Kaneko (guitar), Kodai Sakai (trombone), Yoshino Hiroyuki (drums)

Make sure to click in the link below to check at which time the live stream will kick off in your timezone.

If you join the broadcast way before the sound only live kicks off, you will get to check the Argonavis from BanG Dream! in its entirety, as all 12 episodes are going to be streamed for free on YouTube (same link as above).

After that, GYROAXIA are going to hold a virtual commemorative autograph session to celebrate the release of SCATTER.

Source: ARGONAVIS official twitter account