DearDream unveil details on upcoming album “ALL FOR TOMORROW!!!!!!!”

DearDream release their final full-length album this month.

ALL FOR TOMORROW!!!!!!! is scheduled to be released on 22/08/2018, available in a regular edition.

The cover art is the following:

The tracklist is the following:

1.Tomorrow’s Song (performed by DearDream)
2.ユメノコドウ (performed by DearDream)
3.リバーシブル→バレンタイン(Assort Box)(performed by Soma Ishihara, Takuya Mizoguchi and Kentaro Tomita)
4.Symmetric love (performed by Takuya Mizoguchi and Kentaro Tomita)
5.Magnetic Emotion (performed by Takuya Mizoguchi and Kaoru Masaki)
6.リフレイン (performed by Takuya Mizoguchi)
7.Dream Painter (performed by Kentaro Tomita)
8.Lifetime=Partytime! (performed by Soma Ishihara, Kentaro Tomita and Masaki Oota)
9.ハピハピハッピー♪スマイリング☆ (performed by  Kaoru Masaki)
10.You are my RIVAL (performed by Kaoru Masaki and Masaki Oota)
11.Wherever I am (performed by Masaki Oota)
12.Run After Blowin’ Wind! (performed by Soma Ishihara)
13.GO TOMORROW!!!!! (performed by DearDream)
14.ETERNAL BONDS (performed by DearDream & KUROFUNE)

Bonuses previews can be found HERE.

On another note: DearDream, as well as KUROFUNE, will have their final stage at Budokan on 21/10/2018.

ALL FOR TOMORROW!!!!!!! is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

SOURCE: Lantis