Dear Vocalist THE BEST Rock Out!!! #2 TYPE B (Review)

Dear Vocalist Best Of album TYPE B revisits the franchise’s best tracks as well as adds a new set of awesome new tracks with a fresh touch.

Title: Dear Vocalist THE BEST Rock Out!!! #2 TYPE B
Label: Rejet
Release date: 19/09/2018 
Genre: Pop/Rock/Electronica


1- 人間辞めたってよ。 (performed by A')
2- 2 of a Kind (performed by Judah)
3- 橙 (performed by (2)YOU)
4- アンビシャスナイト (performed by RE-O-DO)
5- Crazy≒Nutrient (performed by A')
6- New World  (performed by Judah)
7- Mi★Amigo (performed by Momochi)
8- Keep looking (performed by (2)YOU)
9- 最終電車 (performed by Joshua)

Track by track analysis:

1- 人間辞めたってよ

Ningen Yametate yo takes on a different route than the one we would expect from A’. Disregarding any use of EDM elements in this track’s instrumental piece we have an intro with a heavy guitar riff and drums with some synth pads but nothing even closer to the electronica present in other tracks.

With a rough and tough first impression of the instrumental piece in this track, Ningen yametate yo has constant voice manipulation over Kimura‘s vocal performance in the intro and pre-chorus, so as to make him sound like he is in a echo-y space, which added more to the mysterious vibe that transpires from it.

Ningen yametate yo still has a little of the “sound” usually present in A’‘s tracks, especially in the outro e chorus, moments when the synth pads takes the front seat and the rock genre get pushed backstage.

The synths and guitar seem to come in a pair in this track, for the most part, which makes it more easy to transition from the rock oriented instrumental piece to the electronica outro with dragging and progressive synth pads.

Kimura‘s vocal performance was clear and showed the control he has when going for higher notes, but he also showcased his prowess when going more for the slightly raw approach.

2- 2 of a Kind

2 of a Kind takes on a romantic rock approach. Unlike what one would expect of Judah’s tracks, this one has the piano at its center and the heavy rock and raw vocals are not the main focus.

The strings combined with the guitar are the door for the chorus that brings back the guitar riffs and drum work that we are used to listen in Judah‘s tracks.

The rising strings and melodic piano are what brings more momentum to the pre-chorus and in fact are the bridge between the rock elements and more classic instruments, such as the piano and strings.

This mix is precisely the culprit behind this romantic and fleeting emotions we have present in the track’s instrumental piece. 2 of a Kind gives place for Saito to sing with raw vocals and enough emotion to impress.

3- 橙

Daidai has an intro with synth percussion and pads with a sample of a piano that make one wonder what there is to come. Quickly picking up the rock genre with high pitched guitar riffs this track has a promising instrumental piece.

The moments when Hanae‘s vocals are manipulated made one even more attentive to the instrumental piece as there is but a simple synth percussion playing when we listen to Hanae singing with the manipulation over his voice making him sound as if talking with the listener on the phone.

There is one synth that is constantly playing with a certain distortion that makes it seem like it is playing in only on the left or right, which makes it the listener more focused on it. Daidai‘s instrumental piece is rock oriented and it also has a certain romantic feel embedded in it.

4- アンビシャスナイト

[As previously reviewed] Funky and heavy guitar riffs make the stage for Masuda in this longer than usual intro. Still with the punk-pop genre in mind, this track has a funky bass and guitar that accompany him from the intro onwards.

RE-O-DO certainly has tracks with a funky approach while maintaining the punk-pop genre with catchy instrumental pieces. Ambitious Night has a prime focus on the guitar riffs and the funky guitar, so we have a melodic guitar and a more playful one, so to say, which makes it worth paying attention to.

The pre-chorus is the exact moment to listen to some quality performance from the drums and later on the chorus, to the guitars and groovy bass.

It is equally amusing to listen to the track with attention from start to finish as in different moments, different instruments have taken the spotlight.

5- Crazy≒Nutrient

[As previously reviewed] A’ is known for its heavy electronica and funky instrumental pieces that leave anyone fascinated for its complex yet catchy instrumentals.

Crazy≒Nutrient takes that and elevates it to yet another level of entertainment. From the get-go, we get an intro heavily synth driven with influences of the trap genre, especially in the triplets and heavy bass usage.

With synth pads that sound like droplets in a tunnel in the chorus and voice samples that make their way into the instrumental piece occasionally, Crazy≒Nutrient has a build up and drop like a EDM track, a genre A’ is no shy to.

To add to the fact that the instrumental piece has so many synth pads and other quirks mixed in making it rather complex, and requiring an active listen to point out all of these elements, Crazy≒Nutrient has an instrumental piece that retains the entertainment found in other of his tracks. In short, this track is an organized chaos, many things happened at the same time, but what at first sounds like chaos is but several pieces of a puzzle put together.

Kimura‘s vocal performance was as expected, flawless and with the quirks for which A’ is known, such as his sarcasm, noticeable in certain lines of the lyrics. Contrary to previous tracks, there is little to no voice manipulation, with the exception to the outro, where Kimura‘s voice has clearly been manipulated.

6- New World 

[As previously reviewed] New World has an intro delivered by a distant piano and synth percussion, however it takes no time to the instrumental piece to change to be more rock oriented. Although that is true, the piano remains in the instrumental, even when reaching the chorus, no matter how quick of an appearance it makes.

New World has a fast-tempo instrumental piece, which makes the heavy guitar riffs and the splashy drums that dictate the rhythm.

The piano and groovy bass give a more melodic vibe to the track, whereas the guitar and drums add more to the rock genre that Judah usually favors, while incorporating synth pads into the instrumental piece.

Saito‘s raw vocals were present, as it would be expected and the same as usual in Judah’s tracks, he sung with the emotion and technique that were expected.

7- Mi★Amigo

[As previously reviewed] Mi★Amigo takes on a different approach, and we are delivered with a Spanish flamenco inspired instrumental piece. With the main focus on the percussion and bass, one must not forget that synths are the actual core of the chorus in this track. Toyonaga certainly knows how to mold his way of singing depending on the genre of the track he is singing.

In Mi★Amigo, he is singing in a smooth and sexy manner, something that is personalized for this track.

An acoustic guitar often hear in flamenco songs as well as a high pitched piano are the main innovations in this track and they not only add more flare to it but they also enabled Momochi‘s repertoire to include yet another genre that Toyonaga pulled off without any issues whatsoever.

Even if this feat does not come as a surprise to the fans it is still interesting to see how far can Momochi‘s tracks take Toyonaga‘s talent.

8- Keep looking

[As previously reviewed] Keep looking kicks off with melodic guitar riffs in solo, setting a melancholic vibe to instrumental piece. A groovy bass and melodic a slow guitar riffs make up the chorus while Hanae brings goosebumps to the listener with his smooth high notes combined with the guitar.

Granted that all the instruments set the perfect stage for his high notes to be striking but we cannot give away the fact that both the instrumental piece and the vocal performance were top-notch.

Keep Looking retains the rock genre adding it the melancholy and nostalgia through the guitar and Hanae‘s vocal performance, especially the high notes. This track’s formula was simplicity and that was enough for success.

Strongly betting on vocal performance as well as bass and guitar performances, Keep Looking is a winner any way you look at it.

9- 最終電車

Saishu densha is a rock song through and through.

With playful guitars and some almost inaudible synth pads playing at the same time, Saishu densha has a certain skater punk vibe to it. With splashy drums, the chorus is a little overwhelmed by that performance, especially if one focuses on it.

On other instances, the drum performance is however very interesting to listen as it has quite some different speeds that complement the guitar and groovy bass performances.

In what is supposed to be the solo in this track, we have a different approach as the synths creep their way in and still the spotlight of the guitar. Shimazaki‘s vocal performance was on pair with the track and it fit in with the genre.

Final considerations

Dear Vocalist THE BEST Rock Out!!! #2 Type B compiled more songs that with genres that were peculiar of the members, and it also features new songs.

Ningen yameta te yo came as a surprise as A’ had not delivered a rock oriented track before, so that was a first. Although the track retains some of the electronica elements, such as the synth pads and some triplets, the majority of the track is rock oriented and we must say that the mix was nothing but entertaining.

2 of a Kind also surprised us as Judah’s tracks are seldom less focused on the rock or have a romantic vibe to them as this one does. This track not only challenged Judah‘s “sound” but also Saito‘s vocal prowess as he had to sing with raw vocals while having that sort of romantic emotion to his performance.

Daidai was the same. Hanae‘s performance was supposed to be emotional while incorporating it in the rock genre, and that’s what we have in Daidai. Even though it also has a sort of romantic emotion transpiring, this track takes on a different route and leaves the piano and Hanae‘s vocals to deliver that emotion.

Saishu densha, on the other hand, was a little different from what we expected, as the intro did sound promising. This track lost a little bit with all the splashy drums in the chorus, which took away from the guitar and bass giving an amazing performance. Shimazaki‘s performance, however showed vocal control.

Dear❤Vocalist THE BEST Rock Out!!! #2 Type B is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

Kare wa Vocalist CD "Dear Vocalist The Best Rock Out!!! #2" / A' (Ryohei Kimura), Judah (Soma Saito), (2) YOU (Natsuki Hanae)
Kare wa Vocalist CD "Dear Vocalist The Best Rock Out!!! #2" / A' (Ryohei Kimura), Judah (Soma Saito), (2) YOU (Natsuki Hanae)
A’ (Ryohei Kimura), Judah (Soma Saito), (2) YOU (Natsuki Hanae)


Dear Vocalist Best Of album TYPE B shines a different light at Judah, A' and (2)YOU, the 3 members in the franchise that go for the heaviest version of rock and or electronica. At the same time we revisited some of the old hits in the franchise. Although this is a pretty good album it would have been better thought to have the A and B versions coming with different tracks instead of 3 new tracks and the rest being overlapping tracks. If you are really aiming to have a new track by your favorite rocker it is best to pick and choose the release that best fits your tastes. For newcomers, choosing the best version will be complicated and will pretty much be based on what you read in this review or snippets you heard. Either way, you'll be well served with either as you're pretty much showered with great music from R.O.N and awesome vocals by some of the best singers among male seiyuu.


Ningen Yametate yo
2 of a Kind
Ambitious Night
New World 
Keep looking
Saishu densha
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