Dear Vocalist CR69Fes.2021「Blast!!!」to be released on DVD

Fans will get to revisit – watch for the first time – the live performances by RE-O-DO, Joshua, Judah, (2)you, Momochi and A’ at CR69Fes.2021「Blast!!!」.

CR69Fes.2021「Blast!!!」 is going to be released on DVD in the Summer of 2022. At the moment, Rejet doesn’t have a concrete date for this release.

The live show was simultaneously held at Nakano Sun Plaza Hall and livestreamed on 03/10/2021 featuring afternoon and evening sessions.

The setlists for each session were the following:


1 - Dilemma (LUMIERE)
2 - Sunshine of My Shoulder (LUMIERE)
3 - アメィジング (Brave Child)
4 - Dear... (Brave Child)
5 - 仮説 (KAGARIBI)
6 - 最愛 (KAGARIBI)
7 - MorningGlory (JET RAT FURY)
8 - Back of the throat (JET RAT FURY)
9 - 魔言の愛 (Veronica)
10 - 讃歌  (Veronica)
11 - かむかむみらくる (NSFW)
12 - ピンチ102号 (NSFW)
13 - Blast it! (All vocalists)


1 -  Dilemma (LUMIERE)
2 -  9/10 (LUMIERE)
3 - アメィジング (Brave Child)
4 - 優しいオイル (Brave Child)
5 - 最愛 (KAGARIBI)
7 - Back of the throat (JET RAT FURY)
8 - Relationship (JET RAT FURY)
9 - 魔言の愛 (Veronica)
10 - 噂の滅子さん (Veronica)
11 - ピンチ102号 (NSFW)
12 - #HAPPY (NSFW)
13 - Blast it! (All vocalists)

The DVD will include as well the full version of “Blast it!”.

More details on this live DVD are going to be unveiled in the upcoming months.

The Dear Vocalist cast counts with RE-O-DO (Toshiki Masuda), Joshua (Nobunaga Shimazaki), Judah (Soma Saito), A’ (Ryohei Kimura), Momochi (Toshiyuki Toyonaga), and (2)YOU (Natsuki Hanae).

Recently, the franchise made the bands’ first albums available on streaming platforms worldwide.

Source: Rejet official Twitter account

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