Daisuke Ono LIVE TOUR 2018 DREAM Journey: Two live digests to air in October

Daisuke Ono‘s second live tour “DREAM Journey” is going to be broadcasted on TV this fall.

Daisuke Ono‘s tour might have wrapped up this week but for those that attended and those that couldn’t, MUSIC ON! TV (90 minutes of footage) and BS Skyper (60 minutes of footage) are going to broadcast part of one of his shows from his “DREAM Journey” tour. Both broadcasts are confirmed to air in October.

BS Skyper’s broadcast is going to include not only live footage, but also an exclusive interview with Ono.

For more details please refer to M-ON and BS Skyper’s official websites (links below).

SOURCE: B’sLOG / M-ON official website / BS Skyper official website