Daisuke Ono greets fans through special video

Daisuke Ono‘s first ever calendar is set to be released next month. After teasing his fans with snippets of the calendar pages and unveiling the cover images for the two editions, Ono has now unveiled a special greeting video.

The video is up on Seigura‘s official youtube channel (the video is in Japanese). Ono talks a bit about how this is the first time he’s going to release a calendar and asks fans to guess what what was the theme of the photoshoot before he went to record the video.


The 2018 calendar is titled 「も」「す。」(Mosu) and will be released on 18/10/2018.  「も」will be the wall version of the calendar and  「す。」the desktop version

Due to popular demand, CDJAPAN has decided to open pre-orders for OnoD‘s calendar exclusively for overseas fans (domestic fans can purchase it on Seigura, Animate and other physical stores and retailers).

The cover image for the 「す。」(desktop version) is the following:

The cover image for the 「も」(wall version) is the following:

Here’s some preview photos released by Seigura this month.

Pre-orders are open on CDJAPAN, more details can be found on their website.

Source: Seigura official twitter