Daisuke Ono “Deep & Holic” (Review)

In Deep & Holic we find a playful Daisuke Ono shinning in his own turf, comfortable with the sound that accompanying his songs and the imagery created around those.

Title: Deep & Holic
Label: Lantis 
Release date: 04/12/2019
Genre: Jazz/Funk/Disco


1.Deep & Holic
4.Deep & Holic (off vocal)
5.SHAKE IT!!(off vocal)
6.雨音-Refrain-(off vocal)

Track by track analysis:

1 – Deep & Holic

The single kicks off with the jazz-disco tune, Deep & Holic. The beat is playful, riding on a Rhodes piano, a groovy bass line and brass add a unique flair to this tune that, with strings on top, is a tasteful take on disco and jazz. The second verse introduce jazz drums, the last element needed to take the listener to the classy, jazz-bar soundscape created.

The outro introduces a bit of electronica mixed with brief guitar solo that does not make any sense while listening to it. However, that outro will work perfectly as a dance break on a live setting. Vocally, Ono delivers a consistent performance riding on his energetic mid-tones and improved falsetto to make this track a close to perfect intro. 4.5/5

2 – SHAKE IT!!

SHAKE IT!! keeps up the consistency in this release by continuing to explore funk and disco. The instrumental rides on top of the a groovy slap bass line and the danceable touch is added by the background brass melodies and funky guitar riffs in the chorus. The verses have an interesting duality, shifting from a minimalistic bass sound with atmospheric synths in the background to a suggestive, slower and stripped down version that features slower, deliberately enticing vocals. Although without much content, the chorus is incredibly addictive and the beat is exactly the type to have you jamming along. Ono’s vocals go from energetic in the chorus to groovy and alluring in the verses, add to this the R&B-ish backing vocals that are featured in the outro and we have ourselves the best song in this release. 5/5

3 – Amaoto-Refrain-

As it is known, Amaoto is ballad-pop tune that was released in 2008, featured on Ono’s release of the same name.

This take on the track revisits the nostalgic track and breathes it new life with an acoustic R&B arrangement. The beat is minimalistic and slow paced, leaving the spotlight to the acoustic guitars and sitar (in the background) to create a soothing, warm soundscape. Vocal-wise, Daisuke Ono has gone a long way since his debut, having evolved into a solid singer with control over his vocals and the emotions he wants to convey in his performances. As a result, Amaoto gets a new life and shines in this release. Sweet take on a classic of his. 5/5

Final rating:

Daisuke Ono continues to explore the unique blend of jazz, funk and disco that has been following his latest releases. In Deep & Holic we find a playful yet alluring Daisuke Ono shinning in his own turf, comfortable with the sound that accompanying his songs and the mature imagery created around those. The classic, gentleman image he now dons and his mature take on jazz/funk music are working wonders for him. As a release, Deep & Holic only comes accentuate that.

He is a performer confident of his capabilities however, never settling for not trying to improve. Proof of this are the massive improvement in his vocals on his take of the 11 year-old track, Amaoto.

SHAKE IT!! stands out in this release for being a classy and funky take on disco and funk music. It is tasteful and the instrumentalization never sounds too overwhelming to deal with. The vocals were solid and how much do we love those backing vocals in the track!

All in all, Ono’s newest single is what you could expect of him: fun and entertaining, meant to dance along and enjoy. His music matured into this jazz/funk-disco sound that is addictive. His performances continue to be a lot of fun, filled with an energy that puts a smile in our face. Deep & Holic is great entry in his repertoire, predictable – especially taking into account his previous releases – but also the bundle of fun and mature vibe we were in need of by the end of this year.

This single is available worldwide on Spotify.

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