Daisuke Ono appointed Tourism Ambassador for his hometown

Daisuke Ono was appointed today as the first tourism ambassador for Sakawa, province in the south of Japan.

Daisuke Ono was born in Sakawa-cho, Kochi perfecture in the Island of Shihoku, Japan. In order to be a news anchor he went to Tokyo – only to years later change his major to performing arts and enroll on a seiyuu school. You can read more about this on our special Seiyuu Digest from 2016.

Upon being bestowed with the title of Tourism Ambassador, Ono said “I’m proud of being born in this town. I want to learn more about Sakawa and expand it throughout the country.“, he lived in Sakawa for almost 18 years and even played football for a local team.

Sakawa’s Mayor and Daisuke Ono today (24/09/2017) for the official cerimony / Credits: Kochi News

Sakawa’s Mayor invited Ono today to formalize his position as their first ever tourism ambassador. Ono mentioned that he was “Delighted and honored to have been appointed for such a task and position.

Ono will be in charge of the Japanese version of the town’s voice guide (for tourist spots). More special promotional activities will be developed in the upcoming years.

Source: Kochi news