Daisuke Namikawa to release new “Paripi” DVD

Daisuke Namikawa Paripi

Daisuke Namikawa has a new installment of his variety show, Paripi, ready to be released on DVD.

Namikawa Daisuke no Paripi!, variety show hosted by Daisuke Namikawa that has a focus on emulating different kinds of parties and alcoholic drinks with seiyuu guests, is going to release a new DVD on 26/06/2020.

This DVD’s guests are Kousuke Toriumi, Yusuke Kobayashi and Nobuhiko Okamoto.

This release counts with 2 discs. A special booklet is included with the DVD.

Namikawa Daisuke no Paripi! is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

Namikawa Daisuke no Paripi! / Daisuke Namikawa
Daisuke Namikawa

SOURCE: Animate Times