Daisuke Kishio 1st single “OF – Love Forever” cover art revealed

daisuke kishio 2013

Veteran seiyuu Daisuke Kishio is back on the music scene after his 2012 debut album “Birthday”. This time, after the pop/rock album earlier released last year we get to hear Daisaku’s new single, his first single “OF – love forever” that’ll be the main theme for the smartphone and tablet game “Kaseifusan.”.

The single will have three different versions available and its covers will be different depending on the version “2”, “2.5” or “3”. Here are the respective covers:

daisuke kishio - of-love foreverdaisuke kishio - of-love foreverdaisuke kishio - of-love forever

The single will be available for a limited time only and limited to the units in storage so, if you’re interested since the price for the single is considerably low (476yen – EUR 3.65 – US$ 4.90) you’d better grab a copy while they’re available.

The tracklist will be:

1. 0F Love Forever
2. 0F Love Forever  (カラオケver. )
3. (未定)

You can check the versions online on the following links: