AbemaTV release promotional video for DABA 10th anniversary Fan Thanksgiving

New details on DABA 10th anniversary Fan Thanksgiving Blu-ray and DVD are out.

Project DABA is a seiyuu unit founded by seiyuu Shinnosuke Tachibana and that counts with a lineup of fellow seiyuu all born in 1978 (all born in the Chinese year of the Horse). The mixed media project spanned several sub-units and projects that ranged from paintball variety DVDs to treasure hunt shenanigans and even music within the group – CABA – or including members of the project in outside projects – ELEKITER ROUND 0’s music video for Maria.

DABA10周年記念ファン感謝祭 (DABA 10th anniversary Fan Thanksgiving) was live broadcasted on Abema TV’s Anime LIVE Channel in November and will get a release on Blu-ray and DVD on 24/04/2020.

The release will count with the whole 6-hour broadcast.

A promotional video is out.


The Blu-ray and DVD is only available for pre-order via AbemaTV’s official store. It is expected to be shipped by the end of April.

Source: DABA 10th anniversary twitter account