D.A.T reveal new single “NOCTURNE ~Drastic Dance~”


The japanese seiyuu duo D.A.T, formed in Tokyo in 2012 featuring prolific seiyuu Daisuke Ono (35) and Takayuki Kondo (35) have announced today on their radio show “Dragon & Tiger 夢冒険” that their new single is titled “NOCTURNE ~Drastic Dance~”. As expected from the duo this one will also be a release totally focused on the dancefloor and as incredibly catchy as their previous single “VS”.

So far there are no details regarding a date for the release of the single, covers or even the tracklist besides the obvious new opening theme for “Dragon & Tiger” radio show titled “NOCTURNE~Drastic Dance~”.

The group was born from “Dragon & Tiger 夢冒険” popular radio show aired on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting hosted by OnoD and Takayuki Kondo every Saturday night.

The duo released last year their first single “VS” that was also used as the show’s first opening theme and features a rather impressive and mesmerizing performance by both seiyuu on the pv.


Earlier this year the duo performed for the first time on the festival organized by japanese label Marine Entertainment, the known “MARINE SUPER WAVE LIVE”. Other bands/artists participating were: Black Velvet (Toshiyuki Morikawa’s band), M.O.E (Wataru Hatano and Takuma Terashima duo) and ELEKITER ROUND0 (Satoshi Hino and Shinnosuke Tachibana duo).

Now, regarding the new single:

The preview for the new single is available on Soundcloud HERE.

Their first single “VS” is available on CDJAPAN for all those interested and as soon as it’s available we’ll provide the links for the new single.

LAST FM profile: http://www.last.fm/music/D.A.T

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