D.A.T announce new single release

D.A.T.D.A.T have announced this weekend that they have plans for a third single. The seiyuu unit consisting of seiyuu Daisuke Ono and Takayuki Kondo, have announced yesterday in the Japanese music festival Marine Super Wave Live (MSWL), festival that features all male artists from the Japanese label Marine Entertainment. ELEKITER ROUND 0, M.O.E, TAKA, Black Velvet and D.A.T were the guests of honor, with birthday boy, Daisuke Ono getting his spotlight not only dazzling with D.A.T’s addictive dance moves but also with time to celebrate his birthday by the end of the event.

D.A.T presented live to the fans the new tracks from their newest single “Nocturne~Drastic Dance~” as well as their well known debut single “VS“. The duo later announced to the audience that there are plans for a third single in which they’ll start working on, still in this year but the single most probably will be released earlier next year. More details on that when more information is available.

For now we have reviewed D.A.T‘s latest single HERE.

And both “VS” and “Nocturne~Drastic Dance~” are available on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.