Cool Voice unveil posters included with their new issue

Cool Voice released today previews of the posters included with their Vol.27.

Hiroshi Kamiya and Kazuhiko Inoue grace the main cover. Both were interviewed about Natsume Yuujinchou’s movie (16 pages total + poster). The main cover is the following:

Tomoaki Maeno graces the back cover. He was interviewed about the anime Hataraku Saibou (16 pages + poster). The back cover is the following:

This issue includes interviews with Kenji Nojima and Yuma Uchida about BANANA FISH (12 pages), Kenichi Suzumura, Mitsuo Iwata and Takahiro Sakurai on AD-LIVE 2018 (14 pages), Koji Yusa about his 50th anniversary CD “io” (6 pages), Takuya Sato and Tsubasa Yonaga about the smartphone game “On Air” (12 pages + poster), Nobuhiko Okamoto the anime Satsuriku no Tenshi (12 pages + poster) and Readyyy! Project’s Tetsuei SumiyaRyuichi Sawada, Kuroki Haruto, Shuma Konoe and Yuki Sakakihara (8 pages).

Previews to all these features were released (click the image below for HD version).

Previews of the posters were released today on Pash+’s official twitter account.

All posters are A3-sized.

Pash+ released on 29/08 new sneak peeks into this issue’s features.

Cool Voice Vol.27 hits the stores on 29/08/2018, now available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

Cool Voice 27 / Shufutoseikatsusha

Source: Pash+ official website / Pash+ official twitter account

Last updated: 29/08/2018