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Here at The Hand That Feeds HQ, we feel like the best way to improve our website is by accepting our readers’ input. If you feel like you have something you’d like us to change, found someone violating our copyright (we welcome any tip you might have about someone potentially violating our copyright), or simply want us to look into something we may have not mentioned, feel free to tell us using this contact form.

Formal inquiries and sponsors work as well through here, don’t forget to add “press” or “sponsor” to the title so that we can get back at you more quickly.

For those interested in sponsoring our reviews with CD rips (that you’ve purchased yourself) this form will be the first out of several emails we’ll exchange. Please search first on our website if the album/single you want to sponsor was reviewed before contacting us. We don’t you losing your time when something has already been reviewed.

Replies might take a while – sometimes we’re quick to reply others we might take up to three weeks. If the mail you’ve sent us through this contact form has something relevant, we’ll surely reply to you, so don’t worry.

Disclaimer: We won’t reply to e-mails asking us where to watch or read something about a certain seiyuu. We’ve got too much on our hands that we can’t spare time to do that as well. Sometimes a quick google search answers your question. There’s a lot of talented people on tumblr that have translated reports, interviews, some radio and variety shows. That’s the place we advise you to start your search. Any e-mail with this kind of content won’t be replied.

If you’re looking for download links, this is the wrong website for you. We don’t deal with pirated stuff. All our reviews come from original copies we either bought or were lent / sponsored by other readers.

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