Yuu Hayashi

from ARGONAVIS Franchise to release new CD “Kmi ga Mita Stage e”

The from ARGONAVIS franchise is set to release "Kimi ga Mita Stage e", CD including the theme song for the game of the same name.

from ARGONAVIS Franchise Welcomes New Band, ST//RAYRIDE

To celebrate its 5th anniversary, the FROM ARGONAVIS franchise has welcomed a new rock band to its ranks. Say hello to the rap/rock duo, ST//RAYRIDE.

Yuu Hayashi featured on Weekly TV Guide February 10, 2023 issue

The newest issue of Weekly TV Guide features an interview with the popular seiyuu and singer, Yuu Hayashi.

Yuu Hayashi publishes 1st photo essay book “SU”

Yuu Hayashi, talented seiyuu, The Cat's Whiskers member and SCREEN mode's frontman, released his first essay book "SU".

Yuu Hayashi teams up with LIVERTINE AGE for special design

Talented seiyuu and SCREEN mode's frontman Yuu Hayashi collaborates with the Japanese apparel brand LIVERTINE AGE.