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The latest issue of Oggi magazine counts with special interviews with the main male cast of Fruits Basket as well as Shouta Aoi.
Popular seiyuu and solo artist Yuma Uchida is featured in the newest issue of W magazine.
KING RECORDS released the music video for Yuma Uchida's "Comin' Back". The song is featured as the ending theme for Shakunetsu Kabaddi.
The cover art for Yuma Uchida's "Comin' Back" is out. The title track is featured as the ending theme for the upcoming sports anime, Shakunetsu Kabaddi.
“SHAKE! SHAKE! SHAKE!” is keen on its consistency and fun, funk-jazz inspired sound however, it does not improve on previous releases.
Yuma Uchida is going to perform the ending theme for the upcoming sports anime, Shakunetsu Kabaddi.
The dance version of Yuma Uchida's "SHAKE! SHAKE! SHAKE!" music video is out. Single hits stores tomorrow.
For the first time, popular seiyuu and solo artist, Yuma Uchida is going to grace the cover of Sunday Mainichi magazine.
JUNON unveiled the lineup for its March 2021 issue. Yuma Uchida and Taku Yashiro get a feature on it.
An easy listening clip of Yuma Uchida's "Spin a Roulette", song included in his 7th single SHAKE! SHAKE! SHAKE!, is out.





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