Yuma Uchida

Yuma Uchida is going to perform the ending theme "Happy-go-Journey" for the anime series "Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi".
Yuma Uchida is back to touring in 2023. YUMA UCHIDA LIVE TOUR 2023 is the first live tour in 3 years for the talented solo artist.

Review | Yuma Uchida “Congrats!!”

Yuma Uchida shines brightly in a concise set of songs in the flawless 10th single "Congrats!!".

Yuma Uchida to release 10th single “Congrats!!”

Yuma Uchida teams up with close friends in the seiyuu industry to celebrate his 30th anniversary with the release of the single "Congrats!!".

Review | Impish Crow “TRICK”

Impish Crow showcases its quality with a fun and energetic pop-punk and Yuma Uchida’s powerful vocals in the mini-album “TRICK”.

Yuma Uchida featured on Weekly TV Guide July 15, 2022 issue

The newest issue of Weekly TV Guide - July 15, 2022 - includes an interview with the popular seiyuu and solo artist Yuma Uchida.

YUMA UCHIDA LIVE 2022 to be held in November at Nippon Budokan

Big news for fans of Yuma Uchida! The talented solo artist and seiyuu holds a live show at Nippon Budokan in the last quarter of 2022.

PRELUDERS: Seiyuu, Music & Heroes Team up for New Mixed Media Project

PONY CANYON brings a star-studded cast for its new mixed media project putting seiyuu, heroes and music in the mix, PRELUDERS.

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