Yuki Ono

With a unique baritone voice, and fantastic vocal and emotional ranges, Yuki Ono is a seiyuu that deserves your full attention (and love).
The Charisma House franchise has announced the release of its 1st album. It includes a mix of group, solo songs and drama tracks.

Charisma House releases digital single “When The Charisma Go Marching In”

The Charisma House franchise released a new digital single. The full music video for Fumiya Ito's "When The Charisma Go Marching In" is out.

Shichinin no Charisma to release new single “Otsu Charisma! Bounenkai”

The Charisma House franchise releases new music in December. Shichinin no Charisma releases a new single "Otsu Charisma! Bounenkai".

EVIL LINE RECORDS launches new 2D music project: Charisma House

Still shrouded in mystery but with a full announcement set for Fall 2021, get to know the very first details on Charisma House.

Yuki Ono joins FAVOLC as creator

Yuki Ono is the latest seiyuu to join FAVOLC as a creator.

Yuki Ono releases music video for “Kizuna Light”

Yuki Ono released the music video for Kizuna Light. Multi-talented seiyuu and solo artist, Yuki Ono has been working on a new EP. This is going...

Yuki Ono cancels extra show in Friend Tree Wonder TOUR 2020

Yuki Ono announced the cancellation of his extra show in the Friend Tree Wonder TOUR 2020. After cancelling his tour stop at SOUNDCREW in Sapporo on...

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