Yuichiro Umehara

SolidS' Dai (CV: Yuichiro Umehara) is the next one up in the CD series "Ano Koro no Bokura wa My Dear Days." with "Drippy Dance".
The lineup for Seiyuu Grandprix's October 2022 issue is out. The main cast of the "Cool Doji Danshi" anime and Daisuke Ono grace its covers.

Review | SolidS “SPADE”

“SPADE” is an almost perfect marriage between SolidS' original passionate, fiery rock sound with their new, matured vibe and jazz sound.

Yuya Hirose and Yuichiro Umehara join TOKYO COLOR SONIC!!’s cast

The Tokyo Color Sonic!! franchise welcomes 2 new characters ahead of the start of its newest CD series "growing".

Tsukipro unveils details on SolidS’ “SPADE”

SolidS is back with a new entry in the ongoing CARDS CD series. The first details on "SPADE" are out.

Yuichiro Umehara featured on Junon February 2022 issue

Popular seiyuu Yuichiro Umehara is featured in the upcoming JUNON February 2022 issue.

Yuichiro Umehara featured on anan No. 2278 issue

The popular voice actor and Sir Vanity member is featured in the new issue of anan magazine.

Yuichiro Umehara featured on “Kimi to tabi suru Nichiyobi” vol.4

The talented voice actor and Sir Vanity vocal and lyricist is going to be featured on Kimi to tabi suru Nichiyobi's vol.4.

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