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The talented seiyuu and narrator is featured on TV Station's upcoming May 15, 2021 issue.
Despite the odd timing, Yoshimasa Hosoya and Satoshi Hino are now on Twitter.
One Day Trip unveiled details on a special Animate edition of its Vol.3 featuring Yoshimasa Hosoya.
In April, Yoshimasa Hosoya participated in Hoshokai, a unique Noh reading play. If you missed this, you finally have a chance to watch his performance. Hoshokai, school of Hosho-style Noh - one of the oldest and most respected Noh schools...
The magazine/book series One Day Trip unveiled the cover art and location of its upcoming issue featuring Yoshimasa Hosoya.
A new preview of Yoshimasa Hosoya's feature in the magazine/book series One Day Trip is out. One Day Trip is a mook (magazine + book) that features one seiyuu per issue. The whole concept is about seiyuu visiting overseas cities...
TV Station announced the lineup for their upcoming issue. Nobunaga Shimazaki andDaisuke Namikawa are going to be featured on TV Station Kanto area version. Both were interviewed for the magazine's special corner “Voice!Voice!Songs!” (focused on seiyuu + music). This issue is on sale on 06/06/2018. TV Station (June...
TV Station announced the lineup for their upcoming issue. Yoshimasa Hosoya is going to be featured on TV Station Kanto area version. Hosoya‘s interview is included on this issue's special corner “Voice!Voice!Songs!” (focused on seiyuu + music). This issue is on sale on 09/05/2018. TV Station (May 12,...
Voice Newtype announced today that the multitalented seiyuu Yoshimasa Hosoya is going to grace the cover of their upcoming issue. Yoshimasa Hosoya, 35, graces the cover of the upcoming Voice Newtype issue. The cover was unveiled today. Besides Hosoya's main feature and...
Tabitomo, variety show hosted by Kensho Ono, released today a preview of the upcoming DVD featuring Yoshimasa Hosoya. The upcoming Tabitomo DVD is going to feature Yoshimasa Hosoya. Ono and Hosoya recorded this DVD earlier in September. おはようございます!! 今、細谷佳正さんと旅友の撮影中です! 皆様からの質問を大募集! このツイートに返信してください! ロケ中に答えますー!!!よろしくお願いします^_^ まぶすぃー。 pic.twitter.com/Dwzc1oTYuc — 小野賢章がゆく 旅友...





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