Wonder Corona!

Wonder Corona release preview of “Still Green”

A preview of WONDER CORONA's Still Green is out. The digital single drops tomorrow.

Rejet unveil cover art for Wonder Corona’s “Still Green”

The cover art for WONDER CORONA's Still Green is out.

Wonder Corona! “Samajera” (Review)

Wonder Corona! are back with yet another release to add to their solid debut. They bring "Samajera", single that has raised their quality.

Wonder Corona! 2nd single – Details unveiled

Wonder Corona! is back with another single, the follow up to April's "ビバ★ラッ★チュ" (Viva la chu). "サマジェラ" (Summer Jealousy) is scheduled to be released on 13/07/2016, available in...

Wonder Corona! “Viva La Chu” (Review)

Wonder Corona! counts with a rock-solid lineup bringing the best of Marginal #4, Lagrange Point, and Unicorn Jr. to the table.

Wonder Corona! first single – Details unveiled [Updated]

Wonder Corona! is Rejet's first shuffle unit to debut. The shuffle unit consisting of: Toshiki Masuda, Shouta Aoi and Genki Okawa bring us something slightly...

Rejet welcomes their first shuffle units

  And it seems that the time has finally come for Rejet to start making shuffle/cross units! Members of Lagrange Point, Marginal #4 and Unicorn Jr. are...