Wataru Hatano

Wataru Hatano brings forth one of the most complex concepts of 2022 with his 3rd full-length album "TORUS".
Wataru Hatano is set to release the best of album, featuring all his singles released to date, titled "HATANO WATARU THE BEST".

Wataru Hatano LIVE 2023 – TORUS – to be held in March

Wataru Hatano announced his plans for 2023's birthday live show, "Wataru Hatano LIVE 2023 - TORUS -".

Wataru Hatano to release 3rd album “TORUS” in November

Wataru Hatano is set to release his 3rd album - the first one in 4 years - this November.

OREPARA to celebrate 15th anniversary in December

OREPARA celebrates its 15th anniversary this year with four live shows featuring 4 special guests.

Wataru Hatano LIVE 2022 -colors- to be released on Blu-ray

Wataru Hatano's special live show gets a release on Blu-ray. Get to know the details on Wataru Hatano Live 2022 colors Blu-ray release.

Review | Wataru Hatano “Naniiro”

Wataru Hatano brings good vibes with “Naniiro”, single that only fails to impress due to the generic tone of its title track.

THTFHQ AWARDS 2021: Solo Artist of the Year

Reinventing themselves, embracing old-school sound, spreading their wings as singer-songwriters, these are your solo artists of 2021.

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