Wataru Hatano

OREPARA celebrates its 15th anniversary this year with four live shows featuring 4 special guests.
Wataru Hatano's special live show gets a release on Blu-ray. Get to know the details on Wataru Hatano Live 2022 colors Blu-ray release.

Review | Wataru Hatano “Naniiro”

Wataru Hatano brings good vibes with “Naniiro”, single that only fails to impress due to the generic tone of its title track.

THTFHQ AWARDS 2021: Solo Artist of the Year

Reinventing themselves, embracing old-school sound, spreading their wings as singer-songwriters, these are your solo artists of 2021.

Review | Wataru Hatano “Breakers”

Wataru Hatano arrives late in 2021 with “Breakers" but he comes to steal the show with one of the most refreshing singles of the year.

Wataru Hatano to release “Wataru Hatano Music Clips 2017-2021”

Wataru Hatano celebrates his 10th anniversary as a solo artist with the announcement of a special Blu-ray including his music videos.

Wataru Hatano to release new single “Naniiro” in 2022

Wataru Hatano returns in 2022 with yet another song featured in an anime series. The first details on "Naniiro" are out.

Wataru Hatano to hold live show in March 2022

Wataru Hatano has big plans for 2022. The talented seiyuu and solo artist is going to hold a new live show in the 1st half of the year.

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