XlamV To Release 4th Digital Single “Said that”

VS AMBIVALENZ's 7-member idol group, XlamV, is back with a new digital single. The 4th entry is titled "Said that".

VS AMBIVALENZ franchise to hold 1st fan meeting event in September

The VS AMBIVALENZ franchise is going to hold its 1st fan meeting event, promising exciting announcements along the way.

Review | XlamV “climb”

XlamV's 1st EP "Climb" is remarkably stylish, and the vocal quality and cohesion are equally impressive, making it the standout CD release.

Review | XlamV “Groovy Night”

Indulge in the smooth beats of XlamV's 'Groovy Night', a mature and stylish nu-disco gem that will leave you craving for more.

Review | XlamV “This is my way”

XlamV's "This is my way" stands outs with its pristine production, ethereal soundscapes, and a strong focus on the vocal performances.

XlamV To Release 3rd Digital Single “Groovy Night”

VS AMBIVALENZ's 7-member idol group, XlamV, continues its streak of digital singles with the single "Groovy Night", hitting stores this June.

Review | VS AMBIVALENZ “Still On Journey”

"Still on Journey" serves as a perfect farewell to the 14 member lineup of VS AMBIVALENZ, leaving a trail of nostalgia in its wake.

XlamV To Release 2nd Digital Single “This is my way”

VS AMBIVALENZ's 7-member idol group, XlamV, releases its 2nd single "This is my way" this May.

Review | XlamV “From Me”

XlamV's "From Me" arrives with powerful vocals, breaks away from clichés for 2D idol groups, and impresses.

XlamV To Release 1st EP “Climb” in July

VS AMBIVALENZ's 7-member idol group, XlamV, is getting ready to release its 1st EP this summer. Know the details on "Climb".

XlamV Announces Release of Debut Digital Single “From Me”

VS AMBIVALENZ's 7-member idol group, XlamV, is ready to release its 1st digital single "From Me" in April.

VS AMBIVALENZ announces its 7-member lineup “XlamV”

After a year of voting, the VS AMBIVALENZ franchise has decided on a lineup for its 7-member idol group, XlamV.

VS AMBIVALENZ to release new mini-album “Still On Journey”

The VS AMBIVALENZ franchise wraps up this season of CDs with the release of the mini-album "Still On Journey".

Review | VS AMBIVALENZ “VSA Musical”

VS AMBIVALENZ franchise fully embraced a musical style in the dramatic, yet far from perfect, new CD, "VSA Musical".