Details on the 2nd entry in the 4th season of the bi-color CD series are out. ROCK DOWN's leader Sho Onoda releases "diamond×sapphire".
Details on the 1st entry in the 4th season of the bi-color CD series are out. VAZZY's leader Takaaki Mamiya opens the curtains with "amethyst×pearl".

Review | Reiji Amaha “emerald x amethyst”

Reiji Amaha turns up the allure and charisma for a set of mind-blowing performances in “emerald x amethyst”.

Review | Yuma Shirase “peridot×aquamarine”

Yuma Shirase’s "peridot×aquamarine" is an unexpectedly underwhelming entry in the bi-color series coming from what had been, up until now, one of the most consistent characters in the VAZZROCK franchise.

Review | Issa Kiduku “ruby×diamond”

VAZZY's Issa Kizuku goes all out for a set of mesmerizing songs that tap into melancholy in ways he'd never done before.

Review | Naosuke Oyama “citrine×emerald”

Naosuke Oyama brings a balanced mix of pop-rock, funk and disco to the spotlight with "citrine×emerald".

Review | Futaba Kiduku “topaz×sapphire”

Futaba Kiduku brings good, bubbly vibes and laidback soundscapes with his new entry in the bi-color series “topaz×sapphire”.

Review | Ouka Kira “pearl×peridot”

Ouka Kira goes for an emotional set of songs that mix shredding rock with what is now one of the most beautiful ballads in the VAZZROCK franchise.

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