STARISH's Tokiya Ichinose (CV: Mamoru Miyano) celebrates his birthday with "Intimate Distance".
QUARTET NIGHT's leader Reiji Kotobuki (CV: Showtaro Morikubo) celebrates his birthday with "Natural Identity".

Sho Kurusu releases digital single “Letʼs be Happy!”

Sho Kurusu (CV: Hiro Shimono) arrives with a motivational tune in celebration of his anniversary with the digital single "Letʼs be Happy!".

Natsuki Shinomiya releases digital single “Moon Rain”

Natsuki Shinomiya (CV: Kisho Taniyama) takes the stage to celebrate his anniversary with the digital single "Moon Rain".

Otoya Ittoki releases digital single “LOVE SONG FOR YOU”

The Uta no☆prince-sama franchise kicks off a new CD series, with STARISH and QUARTET NIGHT's members releasing digital singles on their birthday.

Uta no Prince-Sama Maji Love STARISH Tours Idol Song to kick off in May

Broccoli announced the start of a new solo CD series in the Uta no Prince-Sama franchise. Details on most releases are already out.

THTFHQ AWARDS 2021: 2D Music Project of the Year

The sheer variety of music genres and quality of 2D music projects in 2021 was impressive. These are the 10 best 2D music projects of 2021.

ST☆RISH to release new single “Maji Love Starish Tours”

ST☆RISH is set to release new music, this time around performing the main theme for the movie Uta no☆prince-sama♪Maji LOVE Starish Tours.

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