Seiyuu Animedia unveiled the main features for its July 2022 issue. UMake and Makoto Furukawa grace this issue's covers.
UMake's 4th live tour held in 2021 gets its release on a special Blu-ray and DVD in March.

UMake to hold “U&Make Live Fes 1st.” in 2022

UMake invites Masayoshi Oishi and AFRO PARKER for their first live event "kicks off 2022 by holding their live event "U&Make Live Fes 1st.".

UMake announces release of “4th Live Tour Love” photobook

UMake announced the release of a special live tour photobook. The first details on "UMake 4th Live Tour Love photobook" are out.

UMake release live performance video of “Air”

Have a taste of UMake's "Air" in a special live performance video released this week.

Review | UMake “Air”

"Air" is an unbalanced single that, at its core, still explores completely different sides to UMake both vocally and instrumentally.

Review | UMake “Insomnia.”

UMake's "Insomnia": when an April Fools joke ends up being one of the most exciting releases of the year.

UMake release new digital single “Air”

After wrapping up the 1st day on their 4th Live tour "Love", UMake released a special digital single "Air".

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