Tsukipro the animation

Review | SOARA, Growth, SolidS, QUELL “Best Wishes,”

“Best Wishes,” wraps up TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION 2 with a fantastic showcase of what a good “all star” song should sound like.

Review | SOARA “Himitsu no Treasure”

Excitement and loads of energy are brought on stage by SOARA in the uptempo pop-rock tune “Himitsu no Treasure”.

Review | QUELL “Yodoushi no Mokkou”

QUELL pulls your heartstrings with a hauntingly beautiful performance in the acoustic song “Yodoushi no Mokkou”.

Review | Koki, Mamoru, Ichiru, Issei “Tsukino Natsuyume Matsuri”

Rock and traditional Japanese music join hands for a fun, Japanese summer festival-themed tune in “Tsukino Natsuyume Matsuri”.

Review | Growth “Wasurekaketa mono”

Growth changes its sound ever-so-slightly to welcome a warm and inspiring ballad in “Wasurekaketa mono”.

Review | Sora, Koki, Shiki & Shu “Elements”

SOARA, GROWTH, SolidS and QUELL’s leaders team up to deliver a dreamy performance in the passionate “Elements”.

Review | SolidS “Kamikazari to Corsage”

SolidS goes outside of its comfort zone to deliver a sweet performance in the 90s-inspired semi-acoustic pop tune “Kamikazari to Corsage”.

Review | Sora, Ren, Nozomu, Rikka, Dai, Shu, Eichi “Kamitoke ni Ataru Toki”

Pack your bags and join Sora, Ren, Nozomu, Rikka, Dai, Shu, and Eichi around the campfire for the adventurous acoustic tune “Kamitoke ni Ataru Toki”.

Review | Mori, Soshi, Ken, Ryota, Shiki, Tsubasa “Nagori Oni”

Traditional Japanese music meets rock for an intense shuffle track with “Nagori Oni” performed by some of TSUKIPRO’s best singers.

TSUKIPRO releases preview of SOARA, Growth, SolidS, QUELL’s “Best Wishes,”

TSUKIPRO the animation 2 featured a preview of SOARA, Growth, SolidS, QUELL's insert song "Best Wishes," in its 13th episode.

Review | Growth “Eisei no Sylvis”

Growth urgently takes you to a world of fantasy and adventure with their new song “Eisei no Sylvis”.

Review | QUELL “Boku o Sasou Koe”

QUELL steps into a beautiful, pure soundscape to deliver one of the most technical performances in their repertoire with “Boku o Sasou Koe”.

Review | SOARA “LET IT BE”

Growing old. Revisiting good memories. Dreaming. Nostalgia takes over in SOARA’s peppy pop-rock tune “LET IT BE”.

Review | SolidS “KAN-ZEN-OFF-MODE”

SolidS puts aside its sexy vibe and alluring performances in place of a laidback and fun performance in “KAN-ZEN-OFF-MODE”.