Takuya Eguchi's first live tour "Live Tour 2022 Asa made nomitai 〜 EGUCHI-ya 〜" gets a release on Blu-ray in 2023.
A digest video of SparQlew's LIVE TOUR 2022 “PROGRESS”, tour held during this summer, was released.

Soma Saito announces 2-day live show “Soma Saito 5th Anniversary Live”

The multi-talented singer-songwriter is back on stage for a 2-day live show taking place in May 2023.

Daisuke Ono to kick off live tour in 2023

Popular seiyuu and solo artist Daisuke Ono kicks off 2023 with a new live tour "ONO DAISUKE LIVE TOUR 2023 "DEL SOL"".

Shouta Aoi to kick off “LIVE 2023 WONDER lab. Garden” tour in 2023

Shouta Aoi is back on tour in 2023. The dates and locations for Aoi Shouta LIVE 2023 WONDER lab. Garden are out.

Takuya Eguchi to hold 1st solo live tour in September

After the release of 2 well-received mini-albums, Takuya Eguchi has announced that he'll be hitting the road for his first-ever solo live tour.

SparQlew to kick off new live tour in August

SparQlew is ready to hop on stage for a new live tour, this one supporting the group's 3rd full-length album.

Shugo Nakamura 1st LIVE TOUR ~ NATURAL ~ to be broadcast on TV

In January 2022, fans will be able to catch a glimpse of Shugo Nakamura's laidback first live tour "NATURAL" on Japanese TV.

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