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The covers - regular and Animate - and title for Toshiki Masuda's upcoming photobook are out.
TV Guide PERSON unveiled samples of the bonuses bromides included with first-press editions of Toshiki Masuda's new photobook.
Dear Vocalist franchise's frontmen are back on stage for a new live show in 2021.
Just in time for Christmas, Toshiki Masuda is going to release a special photobook.
Birthday boy, Yuma Uchida, joined Instagram today.
After postponing the Diver live shows that were supposed to take place in March, Toshiki Masuda confirms their cancellation. TOYS FACTORY released a statement confirming that Toshiki Masuda's upcoming two stops in Live Event -Diver- - set to promote the release...
Lockdown Toshiki Masuda keeps on giving! After launching his youtube channel, the popular male seiyuu joins Instagram. Popular male seiyuu, actor, solo artist and model, Toshiki Masuda, has been pretty active on Twitter during lockdown. Among male seiyuu, Toshiki Masuda has...
After much teasing, seiyuu and solo artist Toshiki Masuda has officially opened his youtube channel. Seiyuu, actor, model and solo artist, Toshiki Masuda has opened his official youtube channel after much persuasion from his fans and teasing from his side. Masuda...
Toshiki Masuda's Diver live events set for March end up postponed over concerns of spread of Coronavirus. TOYS FACTORY released a statement announcing that Toshiki Masuda's upcoming two live events - set to promote the release of his 1st full-length...
The short music video for Toshiki Masuda's Diver is out. Diver is scheduled to be released on 08/01/2020, available in regular and limited editions. The cover art is the following for each edition: The tracklist is the following: 01. Diver 02. キミになる旅 03. 風にふかれて 04. 青い少年 05. here,...





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